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Ultrasonic Principle

Ultrasonic cleaning is result of brushing / sucking action produced in vibrating column of liquid due to phenomenon called 'Cavitation'. Cavitation is formation & collapse of millions of microscopic bubbles distributed throughout the liquid. When the object is submerged in the liquid, the cavitating fluid flows into all the holes & crevices to suck out adhering contaminants very rapidly. Cavitation also accelerates solvent action & chemical activity.

Ultrasonic cleaning makes possible almost instantaneous removal of strongly adhering powder / soils from hard to reach surfaces. It is particularly suitable where very high standards of cleanliness are required; to clean difficult to remove contaminants and insoluble solids; to accelerate cleaning of soils that are slow to dissolve; and to remove finely divided insoluble. Because of the high level of agitation produced by ultrasonic energy, the process is effective in cleaning intricately designed, closed fitting parts and blind holes.

Selection of the proper ultrasonic frequency for parts cleaning is determined by the size and shape of the work to be cleaned. Low frequency sound waves generate a relatively small number of large cavities with high cleaning power. High frequency waves produce a large number of small cavities with good penetration capability.

Multi - Stage Cleaning & Drying System

When a high degree of cleaning is necessary, single stage cleaning may be insufficient. In such cases multi stage cleaning is recommended. To substitute Solvent based Cleaners, basic four stage equipment consisting Aqueous Ultrasonic, Rinsing, Spray rinsing and Hot Air Drying stages will be required.

Aqueous Ultrasonic, Water Rinsing & Hot Air Drying Modular Machine to substitute Solvent (TCE) based Cleaners. PLC Controlled AC/DC Drive Motor type Over-head / Inline conveyor as per custom design. Thoroughclean provides Environment friendly Cleaning, De-scaling, De-rusting & Phosphating Chemicals for total Metal finish to meet International standards. Complete Turn-Key projects are undertaken for Metal Finishers.

Note : Any number of cleaning stage can be combined together depending upon the nature of contamination and degree of cleanliness required. All multi-stage machines are provided with adequate heaters and thermostats for required bath temperature. S.S. Job basket / Fixtures Filtration Unit, Oil Skimmer, Auto transport system, Agitation Unit, Dunking Unit, Auto dosing etc can be provided as optional accessories.

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